Thank You

Getting ‘Access to Eduction‘ for the children and young people of our community is really important to us…  and it seems to you too!

Here are just a few of the comments from our donors:

“A fantastic project, such a vital tool for our children’s education – well done!”


“The world is a better place for folks like you. Thank you and keep up the brilliant work!”


“In thanks for the chance to be part of this great project.”


“You are doing such amazing work!”


“Well done to Emma and the terrific team at Tarner!”

How you can make a difference

Donate your Spare Devices

Tarner Community Project has teamed up with Level Up Laptops, a charity initiative created by Brighton based social prospecting company SoPro,  to generate laptop and monetary donations so that computer equipment can be refurbished and given to local school children struggling to access online learning resources.

To donate your unused laptop please fill our DONATION FORM and we will arrange pickup / drop off. For us to refurbish devices to the standards required by schools, devices need to meet the following requirements.

Laptops: 12” screen / Has windows 7, 8 or 10 installed / Wi-Fi capabilities and a webcam.

Chromebooks: 2016 or newer

Tablets: iPads – 2016 or newer / Android – 2016 or newer